Public Suffix List

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The list is kept in source code control on Github. You can read more information on the format the list uses below. Please note that the list is encoded using UTF-8.

The copy on, linked below, is updated daily from Github. If you wish to make your app download an updated list periodically, please use this URL and have your app download the list no more than once per day. (The list usually changes a few times per week; more frequent downloading is pointless and hammers our servers.)

To be kept informed of changes to the list, you can subscribe to an Atom change feed in your favourite feed reader.

List format

A public suffix is a set of DNS names or wildcards concatenated with dots. It represents the part of a domain name which is not under the control of the individual registrant.


This information was moved by Jothan Frakes on February 8, 2022 to the GitHub Public Suffix List for simplification of management.